DMP 100 & 150 RFSL Standing Seam Roofing Panel

Panel Information
  • Panel Type: Standing Seam
  • Panel Seam: Snaplock
  • Panel Width: 12” – 24”
  • Seam Height: 1” or 1.5”
  • Panel Material: 22-26ga Steel, 12-20oz Copper, or 0.032 Aluminum
  • Panel Surface: Smooth, Flat Ribs, or Pencil Beads
  • Panel Clip: Required Per Engineering
  • Minimum Slope: 2/12
  • Substrate: Plywood, B-Deck, B-Deck w/ ISO

The DMP 100 or 150 snap-lock standing seam systems have a wide variety of applications. The DMP 100 series is more commonly found on residential homes. It’s low seam height allows for an enhanced architectural design without the commercial system appearance. The DMP 150, with its higher seam, adds structural stability and more water carrying capabilities commonly found on larger commercial applications. Both series may also be used on equipment screens, mansards, and canopies that require open framing systems.